Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Movie Review Twilight and Quantem of Solace

Sorry this is late. It's been a busy day with 4 hours sleep. Twilight was sold out at 12:01am with 2 theaters running it! There was about 95% women, and about 90% were under the age of 21! And so many Moms with their kids. Hey, I think it's great, we talked about the movie all the way home, and also during the day. And please little ones, leave the darn cameras at home, there is nothing more annoying than a flash going off in front of you, so go to the lobby for those candid shots of two fingers!!!
Once the movie started, you were watching this deer running in the woods....go deer! Kristen did a wonderful job as Bella, her eyes are very expressive, and the sighs, gasps and such were right on with a teen girl. Everyone twittered when Edward came on screen, and even this 38 year old can drool just a little!
On the way home we argued the merits of reading the book before the movie. I did with the Harry Potter ones, but so much time had passed, it didn't have any impact. This time, I reread the book again just a couple weeks ago. And I think it adds to the film knowing what Bella is thinking, knowing what is going to happen next. There were screen that didn't make the movie, but for a two hour movie, it went by like just a moment. I looked at my watch, debating if I could wait for the girls room, and was shocked to find there were only 10 mins. left! I wanted my do over!
Even though high school is over 20 years in my past, I can remember all the drama, the little hurts, and the heartbreaks of it. Not that I would EVER want to go back, but you smile when Edward is flirting with Bella, when they arrive at school and everyone is looking. That first kiss, your heart sighs remembering your own, the nerves of meeting the parents, the terror of prom! The music was amazing, Bella's lullaby is tender, the special effects were very well done, and boy I can't wait for the next one. Really it's the last one that has me drooling over, I can't wait to see Renesmee! And to see Bella go after Jacob!

Now this evening I was a sweet wifey-poo and went to see Quantum of Solace with my husband. I am not a big shoot them up bang them up, movie person. So this one was a little hard to get through, I was restless in my seat and looked at the clock twice. Overall I like this James Bond, I think Daniel Craig is very sexy, very troubled. The fights were very dramatic, but I want more meat, more development in the plot, in the characters. To me, there were more fight scenes than dialog! But James did some some human sides to him. I was biting my nails during the fire at the end, when he had the gun.....Like no way! But it ended as expected, and my husband was happy I seen it with him....but I was longing to have the speed to run back and forth to watch Twilight again!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just a shout out to all the Twilight fans out there. We are going to the 12:01am showing. So today is a take a nap, and take it easy day! This old gal isn't used to staying up till that time. It's a two hour movie, so if by the time I get home, I am still lucid, I will post an update of the movie. But I have no doubt it's going to be amazing! And I can't wait to see all the twilight jewelry everyone will be wearing! A couple weeks ago, I played a small part in an engagement. A gentleman bought one of my tins with the quote from Edward asking Bella to marry him. He put the engagement ring inside for her to open! How very romantic is that!
And I sold one of two acorn pendants, that I had blessed by the faeries at the Glen Rock Fairy Festival in May. It went to a lady who was buying for a production company, they are using it in the play Peter Pan, it's going to be the kiss Peter gives Tinker Bell. I love hearing the back stories of my listings. One lady in Russia, said that she was giving the necklace she bought to her grandmother, who knew the artist when she was a child! The Grandmother broke down crying and was so happy with it.
For all those going to the midnight show, as Edward told Bella BE SAFE

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You have got to watch this!!! This guy moved me to tears on Prop 8. I just love his question, what is it to you?? Is what way does it lessen your own marriage?

Did you know that as of 1967 there were still laws on the books preventing black people and white poeple from marrying??!!!

My post today was going to be on the enviroment, and being green....until I found this on iVillage, and just have to try and get the word out. Let me know what you think, and even if you don't agree, please be respectful.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Green Eyed Monster?!

Did the green eyed monster come a visiting? YOU BET! What etsy seller wouldn't want a rock star to buy a ton of jewelry from your store. Anyone would be. Scary maybe, but a 2000. order...WOW!

But then life came back into it. We have a resident who is dying, and possible has passed over as I type this. Being on a demenita unit, with 33 residents, they all become family. The slightly goofy favorite aunt, the mothering woman who gives the very best hugs. The charming uncle who loves his back scratched and will return the favor! And so forth. If you haven't worked with people who are dying, it's not the big drama of TV, it's quiet sighs, raspy breaths, gently touches and soft, sad goodbyes. This woman was a nurse, of the old school, and would often tell you when She takes charge things will change! But then you would see her with her great grandson, and feel the tugs on your heart. So with honor you make her as comfortable as you can, and treat her with reverance to honor her soul.

That really knocks the green eyed monster for a loop.

And then there is the little kitten who thinks you created heaven on earth by letting her curl up beside you on a cold night.....or on you....under the covers.....till you wake up at 4am so hot you think the house is on fire! And throw off the cover, and gently move the sleeping dead weight kitten, roll over and feel her softly cuddle with you again!

That kind of love just melts the green eyed monster.......

And then there is the daughter who has to have a outpatient procedure done in the morning. And you are worried, she is worried, the results won't be back for a while, and you worry. And being a mom and a nurse, you want to fix it. But they aren't little anymore when a hug and cuddle can make their world all better. And there are some things in the world that you can't fix. They just are. And you worry....and that green eyed monster with the huge rock star sales just fades off into the distance......

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gay, Straight, Black or White.. HATE IS NOT A FAMILY VALUE

Today I was putzing around looking at friends blogs, and checked out Mrs B blog: Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom....link is down below. She was talking about Section 8 in Calf. voting to ban gay marriages. And also included a link to this


Please read it. It will break your heart, make you think and I hope open some eyes.
I know that my head has always been in the clouds, I just can't understand how you can judge someone based on their skin color, sexual orientation, religion, hair style, or cloths they wear. Is who someone loves, or what religion they practice more important than how they treat others? How they live their life? Are they kind to kids and elders? That somehow that is less important than the color of their skin, or who they love is just saddening. Someone said to me that letting people who are gay get married would somehow reduce theirs?!?! HUN, WHAT, HOW! After giving them a look of utter disbelief, I had to walk away. I was shaken so bad, and so very angry, I would have hurt them. and Now I have to wonder, are they that insecure in their relationship? When over 60% of marriages fail, how can someone living across the country make it worse? I have friends, gay who have been in a relationship longer than others who were married. Without the legal bonds to hold them, they stood by their partners for much longer than others.

Maybe this is just the nurse in me talking but when you get below the color of someone's skin, you can't tell if they are black, white, gay or straight....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sock Monster

I have often wonder where all the socks went, there must be a monster lurking in the washing machine, or perhaps that one under the dryer with the secret entrance as they are tumbling. Partly Dried sock, YUMM!!
But NO, News flash, just heard on the John Tess radio show, the top 5 things that dogs swallow the most...
5. Balls
4. Rocks
3. Panty Hose
2. Underware....nope not saying a word....
1. The NUMBER ONE THINGS THAT DOGS SWALLOW MOST is yes, you guessed it....SOCKS, They are the sock monster.
Now, if you don't have dogs, I wouldn't go near the drying late at night....one a full moon.....by yourself......