Saturday, December 20, 2008

too pooped to Create

Gee, I know just how this little kitten feels! Some of you know that I work on an Alzheimer's unit, and I work every weekend. From 7am to 7pm. Pretty cool, I am paid for a 40 hour week and only work 24 hours.
Today was a pretty good day, steady but busy. Christmas carols, and a TON of Christmas cards to be read.....oh here is a little tip! Even if you address the envelope to Ms Smith....don't just write MOM on the a tiny corner on the back, write the person's name. Because if they are on a unit like mine, we have one lady to collects ALL Christmas cards, and calls them hers! And we don't know which Mom is which! So I come home and find a wonderful box of new and vintage beads, and findings.....I am so excited and as I look at them, get wonderful ideas.... I rush to get out of my scrubs, and into bummy clothes....and nothing! My I thought I would take a second and say HI!
There are days when the ideas come fast and frequent, often tripping over each other to get out and done first....and there are days like now, where I do feedback, or busy work, and wait for that rush again!
I would rather turn out a small volume with high quality results, than production work with poor quality. And this time of the year, I am taking care of myself....and you should too. One of the biggest things you can do to prevent getting sick this winter, is to take care of yourself. When you feel tired and run down, you are open to attack from all kinds of nasty bugs. So grab a cup of hot tea, add a bit of honey (antiviral) and sip, then sleep! You will here this over and over, they are finding out just how much our body does when it's asleep, cells get repaired, systems level out and so much more. They are even linking being overweight to not enough sleep!
So when it's cold out, and you are tired, rather than trying to live up to some idea of the perfect artist, take a night off, and pamper yourself!
So with my amazing patchouli soap from etsy (lots of great sellers!) and a cup of hot tea from the web site One Good Woman, I am off to a warm bath, and to bed. Tomorrow is another 12 hours, and if we have call offs because of the weather, it will be a 16 hour day.
Sweet dreams, and good night!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Raindrops on Roses

I GOT A TREASURY!!! Check it out:
With my sister singing to me....