Thursday, August 28, 2008

Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom: Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween: Samhain is Coming!

Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom: Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween: Samhain is Coming!

She didn't even understand that she wasn't coming back next summer. We say goodbye every year, it wasn't untill she was on her way to the airport with the other kids, that someone explained. They cried from Philly, to JFK airport. This is Katya. We have a little girl that is one of 1000s that come over for a health respite during the summer from Belarus. One teenage is refusing to go home and causing the whole program to be put on hold. None of these kids have a great home life, it's a poor country and all of them need help. But because of her, none will get it. So I contacted the national Children of Chernobyl, they are getting together letters to protest this girl staying and a plead to cont. the program. I also have the address of the family in Ca. that has the teen. If you would like to drop me a note, i will be glad to give it to you if you will write a letter! One voice can't do anything, 1000s will! Please please!

You know it's going to be one of those days, when you wake up and your pad twisted and is stuck to your pubic hair......but lets try to keep it positive...I vacuumed and broke the handle button, this is a new vacuum. I did do my morning yoga! Then had the 4 month old kitten attacking my toes! Aw, I think I am going to grab my newest Emma Holly book and curl up to read the day away!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A bit about me!

Since this is my first blog, I will tell you a bit about myself. I am weird. I love art, and designing jewelry, creating something from pieces. The no rules, just what looks right to you....and I am a nurse, very pratical, with lots of rules, lots of charting and a whole mess of not creating....kinda. I work on an end stage dementia unit. The residents there can carry on a conversation, most of the time dress themselves, and such. Now, the conversation might be the same one you just had 10 minutes ago, and the cloths might not always match but hey, that's life. I love to joke and have fun, they play right along, and it ends with lots of giggles and hugs. One gentleman, whom I adore, loves his sweets! I will tell him, I ate his dessert already, and he whoop ( yes old word) me if I did. His daughter is one of the sweetest person I know, and my resident will tell you she is just like her mom, no him! So while it can be crazy sometimes, there is a lot of joy and playfulness on my weekends. Oh, that's another part of me, I work 12 hour weekends, every weekend, and get paid for 40 hours. Pretty cool! So I am home during the week, and get to play with my jewelry or explore the internet.
I have two girls, one 15, and the other 18....yes Lady Clariol lives in my bathroom closet ! It's really a challange to raise strong, balanced daughters in this day and age. I also have a 11 year old that comes each summer. Her name is Katya, and it's a program called Children of Chernobly. She comes for 6-8 weeks each summer for a health respite. Goes to the dentist, doctor, and eye dr. then we send home 75lbs of medical supplies, food, clothing, and such. More on that later.......I adore her and miss her when she isn't here.
We also have 6 cats, and 3 dogs. I am an animal lover, and support a couple rescues. One of them is Big Cat rescue in Florida. They do the big cats, and give them a life long home. Another is Search and Rescue dogs in Ca. They train the dogs that look for live victums of disasters, like 9/11 and hurricans. There is also my local shelter that gets regular donations of money, food, treats, and anything else I can think to get them.
I am also an avid coupon shopper! Don't talk to me on Mondays, between shippng sale from Ebay and Etsy from the weekend, and getting my game plan for shopping, I am usually going a mile a minute.
Oh, I also feel I am the perfect blend of my Mother and Father. Mom is very smart, always learning, at 60+ (love you Mom) she does karate, and plays electric guitar. I grew up listening to the Rolling Stones! My dad, has left this world about 11 years ago, was a truck driver, one of those good old boys. He never had a mean word for anyone, and would flirt shamelessly with just about anyone. It didn't matter to him what you did, as long as you did it well. I find I have this thirst for knowledge and learning but am often told my residents families love talking to me, because I put it in plain English. I like to kiss....keep it simple sweetie! Oh and I am from the south and honey, hon, and sweetie are all part of my words. Okay, I think that is long enough for now! HAVE FUN AND BE GOOD!

Morning Fun

Wow, my first blog posting, and I just got the ding from AOL that I have mail. It a large order and a plead to mail ASAP. So I will be back later for more! I can't wait to get some ideas down......running to the post office!