Thursday, October 16, 2008

While Taking a Shower...

Okay get your mind out of the gutter! After going for the morning walk with the dogs, doing my yoga, I needed a shower. But still in the zen mood from the excersice, and yoga, wanted to do something different. I changed the shower head to a gentle rain, and as I washed each body part, I thought about what it does for me. For example, my hands. They type, they create, they loving stroke my residents cheeks, they gently rub tired muscles of friends and families. That kind of thing, slowly and mindfully. Instead of being critic...too fat...too old....too weak.....I chose to honor each part. Now I am not a model, there are a ton of things that I would love to improve but I think we need to take a second and be thankful for what we have. I chose to thank the Goddess for my body, you might thank God for it. This is one that I took of my residents with my dog Rocky. Even though her hands are weak, and knotted with age, she was so happy to see him, and he just loves the attention.

Even the parts that hurt, I dislocated my knee about 3 years ago, putting my knee cap on the side of my knee. So being unable to walk for a while, and then only with a brace really makes me very Thankful that now I can walk the dogs around the block, with only a twinge every once in a while. It is amazing how good you feel afterwards. We are so bomb barded with super skinny model images, that we need to step back and be thankful that our bodies are more than just a sex symbol, that we can be more than just some airbrushed, photoshop image. Being the mom of two young ladies....18 &'s a everyday challange.

SO my Challange for you today or tomorrow, is as you are taking a shower, or bath, think of at least one POSTIVE thing about each body part. And you really don't have time to list any negatives because you need to be quick to conserve water......Have a Blessed Day!