Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thanks to some money saving friends, I have two new pair of glass for under $35.00! How?! Check out these sexy specs. The web site is Zenni Optical, the prices are just amazing. The purple pair were $8 and the Green Floral print were just $9.95. Each pair has the UV coating for just $5. and the shipping was just $4.95! Now for the price, I was happily surprised. They came quick, fit just perfect, and each were wrapped in a micro fiber cloth inside a sweet blue case. Now I am one that loves my contacts but from time to time, you just need to let your eyes have a break. The glasses I was wearing had scratches on the lens (didn't get them coated!) and for $68. I could have gotten new lenses made!! But I knew about this web site, and in just 3 days longer than my local eye dr. could do, and a HUGE amount cheaper, I got two New pairs of glasses and the lenses for what they would charge for one lens.
So, in these times when everyone is watching their pennies, keep a few more by checking out Zenni Optical, and let me know what you think!
PS. My green ones also come in pink and purple!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Etsy Front Page 3/5/09 Monarchdancer

I thought I would start sharing front page ads that I like on etsy. This is one with my jewelry on it. Seems like a good one to start with!

The Secret Life of Bees

Well my daughters and I did another movie and take out night, this time watching The Secret Life of Bees. We even forced...well bribed with dinner, my daughter's boyfriend into watching it. So ages 15, 18, 18....and 38! I found myself holding my breath part of the time in an effort not to cry. And others wiping the tears away. I thought the acting was AMAZING, the pollyannna in me hated the racial tension, and the mother in me just wanted to hold Lilly forever. It's an emotional movie but one that I think you will love. There were moments that had you gasping, laughing and as mention crying. My little survey of my viewing audience was an A+. Hope you enjoy it also. Comements are welcome.