Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thanks to some money saving friends, I have two new pair of glass for under $35.00! How?! Check out these sexy specs. The web site is Zenni Optical, the prices are just amazing. The purple pair were $8 and the Green Floral print were just $9.95. Each pair has the UV coating for just $5. and the shipping was just $4.95! Now for the price, I was happily surprised. They came quick, fit just perfect, and each were wrapped in a micro fiber cloth inside a sweet blue case. Now I am one that loves my contacts but from time to time, you just need to let your eyes have a break. The glasses I was wearing had scratches on the lens (didn't get them coated!) and for $68. I could have gotten new lenses made!! But I knew about this web site, and in just 3 days longer than my local eye dr. could do, and a HUGE amount cheaper, I got two New pairs of glasses and the lenses for what they would charge for one lens.
So, in these times when everyone is watching their pennies, keep a few more by checking out Zenni Optical, and let me know what you think!
PS. My green ones also come in pink and purple!


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This Guy said...

Awesome tip! Love the new glasses, I need to get a new pair, as my eye sight is starting to fail in my old age! ;) hehehe