Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Check This OUT!!

Look what one of my customers made with her pendant. It's amazing, stunning, and totally beautiful. I love the red accents, it really draws the eye! Here is the link:

here is the photo...cause I can't figure out how to make a clickable photo link....


Pam Hawk said...

Hi! This necklace turned out beautiful.

Here's a tip to make a clickable photo link: when you're writing the blog post click on the photo to highlight it. (You'll get the little white squares in the corner.) Then click on the link button next to the text color button. Paste in the URL (make sure it only has the http:// once, not twice) then click ok.

Ta dah! The photo is a link!
Love your Etsy shops...
Cheers ~
Pam Hawk

shadesongs said...

HUGE and very LAte Thank you very much for that tip!